If you want to be sure your wishes will be met after you die, then a will is vital.

Wills made for (UK) Expats

Many British expats who are living abroad need to make, or remake, a UK Will to reflect changing circumstances. This maybe because your financial position has altered and there is a need to mitigate against future tax or it is perhaps your personal and family situation that has changed. (marriage, children, divorce or inheritance etc)

We offer a Will Writing service specifically for the UK Expat living abroad who wishes to make a new Will (or Wills) without having to return to the UK. We put you in touch with a Gibraltar based Legal Consultancy Company who can draft your Will to comply with either the laws of England, Wales and Northern Ireland or Scottish Law.

Their Expat Wills service is simple and inexpensive and includes a free consulation (Skype, telephone or email) so that your choices can be explained and the new Expat Will can be drafted to meet exactly your circumstances and include all your wishes.

Your new Expat Will can then be posted (or emailed).

A Will for UK Expats can cover worldwide assets if the other country is a signatory of clause 21 of the Hague convention. If they are not then a local Will may also have to be made specifically to cover assets in that country only, but care must be taken to avoid invalidating the main UK Will. In certain countries your UK Will, will need to be translated into the local language and registered.

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Making a Will for Expats in the EU

There are many British expats now living in the EU on a permanent or semi permanent basis who can benefit from our Expat Will services. Our Legal Consultants can draft Wills for English, Welsh, Northern Irish expats and they can also make a Scottish Will for Scottish expats which can be prepared from a completed will information form and/ or email consultation.

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Making an Expat Will in Other Countries

For those expats living in other countries they offer a Wills by Post or email service, based again on a completed will information form which inlcudes a telephone or email consultation. They can make Wills for English, Welsh, Irish expats and they can make Wills for Scottish expats without the need for a return to the UK.

How it Works

1. All your questions will be answered by an experienced Will writer who will also offer advice by telephone or email and then send you a will information form, or you may access the form on this website and submit your completed form.

2. You complete the questionnaire and return by email or post together with your payment if not already completed and returned.

3. Your completed questionnaire is checked by the same experienced Will writer who will then draft your Will and forward to you a draft copy for checking and you can make amendments at this stage if you wish. Once you have approved the Will a final draft will be sent to you together with the signing and witnessing instructions.

4. You have the choice to print out the Will at home or have a printed and bound copy sent to you by special post.

5. They also offer an optional service of safe storage for your Will and other documents.


£300 GBP single
£500 GBP joint mirror
£600 Printed and bound copy (sent to you by special post)

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If you want to be sure your wishes will be met after you die, then a will is vital.